Harvest Assembly

Year one practised their singing with the rest of KS1 and performed ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’ in front of their parents and carers.

Yea one acted out their current story book ‘The enormous turnip’ they enjoyed chanting ‘Come on farmer, show me your muscles!’ and ‘But the turnip didn’t budge!’.

We hope you enjoyed watching it.

A real skeleton!

In science the children were shown different animal skeletons and they had to justify why they were not a human skeleton.

There were comments like

‘It can’t be a human as it doesn’t have a tail.’ When we looked at a dog skeleton.

‘It has long tusks, we don’t have those.’ When we looked at an elephant skeleton.

‘There are no fingers or toes! It might be a horse as they have hooves.’ When we looked at a horses skeleton.

the children then explored a real skeleton.  They were so surprised to feel how heavy bones actually are!



Mrs Smith made a class set of claves at the weekend.  Each clave is individual with its own set of keywords, sounds, letters and number!

The children loved exploring the sticks and had great fun in our class music session working out what a beat was and copying a rhythm.