Pirate discovery!

We had a very exciting discovery this week! We found a map in the classroom. We saw that it was brown, old and had a ‘x marks the spot’ in Wroxall! We decided to go on a treasure hunt around school, and found lots of clues, including an eyepatch, Jolly Rodger, gold coins, jewels, and a treasure chest full of….fruit! We had lots of ideas about who might have left the treasure, and why.

Pirate division

We have been pretending to be Pirates this week! The pirate captain shared their jewels with their pirate friends to fill their treasure chests. One of their shipmates had to check that the jewels were shared equally between the pirates to make it fair.


We have been looking at division in Maths so far this term. We have already looked at grouping in groups of 2, 5 and 10. Now we are sharing totals to find half. We had a lot of fun sharing sweets between pairs. Although, we had to make the groups were equal to make them fair!

Signs of Spring!

In Science, we are learning about the changes in our seasons, with a focus on Spring. As we have been having some beautiful weather recently, we went for a lovely spring walk around the school to sketch some signs of spring.

Class Letter, Summer term 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back. We hope you have had a lovely Easter break.

Our topic for the next half term is: Pirates!

In English, we will be sequencing and rewriting the story of ‘The Storm Whale’. We will also be writing our own ‘message in a bottle’ in response to the book ‘The Pirates Next Door’. We will be learning about pirate clothing, pirate ships and some famous pirates. In addition, we will be looking at maps of the local area to find buried treasure and trying to make our own. Please see the topic web for a more in depth plan.

Homework tasks:

  • As before, spellings will be given out on a Monday, with a spelling test the following Friday. Children will receive a house point for practising and handing in their home spellings on a Friday.
  • Children should be reading at home every day to an adult. Please ensure that this reading is recorded in their reading diary every day. This allows staff to know where the child needs to read from when being listened to in school. Children will then receive a house point as a reading reward if they have read every night.

Quick Reminders:

  • Daisy the donkey will be going home with a child every Friday. This is a chance for the children to write about their weekend and share it aloud with the class.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to write a note in your child’s reading record, or catch me at the end of the school day.

Many thanks,

Miss Bennett