Multiplication learning journey

Year 2 had a super maths problem this week.  We explored different areas of multiplication to help us solve the big problem, which was…

In a space party there are 22 legs on the dance floor.  A human has two legs and an alien has five legs.  How many of each type of creature could there be?

We made the problem harder by adding spiders with eight legs and dogs with four legs.

After we had all solved the initial problem, we practised drawing possible rectangles for the dance floor!  It turned out that we needed some more practise with using a ruler, so we further challenged ourselves to explore statics and had a go at drawing bar charts from tallys and numbers.

what a super fun investigation!


Growing, cooking and eating our own potatoes

In science we we tried to work out which potato variety would bow the heaviest crop of potatoes.

The children looked at the seed potatoes and made their own decisions as to which would grow the best.  Jester hand a few long sprouts growing after chatting and rocket had lots of short ones.

We had some wonderful explainations like ‘rocket will grow the best because it has longer roots so it will such up the most water.’

We harvested the potatoes and washed and steamed them.  Then enjoyed eating them!


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Summer 2 – Topic Map

Year 2 – Sunny Class Newsletter

June 2018

 Welcome to the last term of Year 2!

This has been an incredible year and the children have all progressed in leaps and bounds in their learning.  It has been an absolute pleasure to take them on their journey through year one and year two.  Now I am trying to prepare them for the fun and challenges of Key Stage 2!


For the last term of spellings the children will be using spelling sheets again.  Do feel free to make up spelling games, cut the sheet up to so the children can’t just copy the spellings or read out the words for the children.  It is totally up to you and your child how you practise these spellings.  It is very clear which children practise regularly so please try and make spelling practise as fun as possible!

Maths Badges

If you are practising your 2x, 5x and 10x at home your child should be coming home with a gold badge soon if they have not already achieved one.  Keep up the mental practising!


Please listen to your child read at for 5 to 10 minutes each night.  If your child is a ‘free-reader’ (reading library books) it is vitally important that you still  listen to them read because they will be coming across many words that they may have not come across in the past.


This last topic we are covering is based around the Philippines (Islands and whales), if you have any topic based items of interest then please do bring them in for show and tell.


We will be exploring athletics and getting ready for sports day in our PE lessons.  These have been timetabled for Wednesday mornings, however please make sure your child always has a named PE kit in school.

Guinea Pigs

We still visit the guinea pigs on a regular basis and require endless newspapers to keep them clean.  Please bring in any newspapers that you have spare.

topic map