Traction man adventure

we had an adventure in the school grounds with our action figures, babies and super heroes. We were talking in the present tense and experiencing activities that the book characters could do in their new traction man adventure. We used this inspiration for our writing. We wrote speech bubbles using the present tense and described what the characters are wearing. We have made our own book for traction man to have another adventure! We are very proud of our awesome new book that we have made.

Class visitor

We had a super class visitor today from speedy the hamster who lives with James. We all had a cuddle and asked lots of questions about how to care for the pet. James spoke beautifully about his funny pet and answered all of our questions. What a lovely treat for the end of a busy week.

Here we are researching facts about our planets. We are making posters for our topic board. Each of us are researching a different planet. We also sang a funny song to help us remember the order of the planets.