Road Safety Magic

In January this year, Magician David Randini visited our school to perform his Road Safety Magic Show.

What a great time the children (and staff!) had. The show was both informative and creative and held  everyone’s attention from start to finish.

Mr. Randini is indeed a tallented performer, able to communicate the seriousness of the matter through magic, humor and acute dedication to the subject.

To our surprise, it has since been revealed, that the Wroxall presentation turned out to be Mr. Randini’s 1000th Road Safety Show – wow!

MP Andrew Turner wrote to congratulate Mr. Randini & the Isle of Wight County Press published a very nice article acknowledging the event.

Mr. Randini spoke of Wroxall Primary School:

“I could not have picked a better school than Wroxall Primary to perform my 1000th show. In these days of special measures we forget that some Island schools are doing exceptionally well. The children are happy and well behaved the teachers are enthusiastic, you are welcomed from the moment you walk in and you can tell that they care passionately about the children. This all stems from superb leadership from the top down and they should be congratulated.”

A big thank you to David Randini for your great work & we very much look forward to your next visit!


Maxine Gray – Headteacher.