Parents Voice

9 September 2013

Dear Parents

Wroxall’s new Parent Voice sessions are going from strength to strength. One of the issues raised was a request for dates of events. We will be sending out a list of important dates out to parents soon.  Please also check your weekly Newsletter for updates.

Another issue raised was homework.  I am please to be able to tell you that a weekly Homework Session has now been arranged. This will be held on Wednesdays after school until 4pm. This is an opportunity for parents to attend with their children to support them with their work. A classroom teacher will be available to answer any questions.

The first session will be on Wednesday 11th September in Mrs Wilkinson’s classroom. I hope as many of you as possible will take advantage of this opportunity to work alongside your child.

As always, if you have any queries please speak to myself or any class teacher.

Maxine Gray.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Today we held the first meeting of Wroxall Primary School Parent Voice.  This is an opportunity to meet with the parent governors for a coffee and chat about any ideas or concerns you may have about the school.  After each meeting we will circulate the minutes so that all parents are aware of the topics discussed and the outcome of any decisions made.  The minutes will be given to Mrs Gray to discuss with her team and the governing body, as appropriate.

 As a parent or guardian of a child at Wroxall Primary School, your opinion is always valued so please feel free to come along to the meetings.  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 10th July at 9.15am.


The Minutes


1.            Parents have asked for more notice of events such as assemblies or parents evenings for example.  It was suggested that a ‘dates for your diary’ could be established at the beginning of each term or school year, so that parents can make arrangements to attend school events more often.


2.            Parents have also asked for events to be held on different days of the week so it is easier to attend at least some events for parents with set working patterns.


3.            Concerns were raised about dangerous driving and parking outside the school grounds although it was agreed that this has improved since the side gate has been closed at 3pm.  There are reports that the car park is now very full and parents are parking along the road.  We will be speaking to our local IW Councillor about traffic calming measures around the school, but ask that all parents park responsibly and continue to be aware of children crossing the road between cars.


4.            Some parents find it difficult to arrange a suitable time for parent evenings, so parents have asked if appointments could be made available in the early evening.


5.            We discussed an after school ‘drop in homework session’.  This will enable children who are unable to do their work at home, to complete it at school.  It is proposed to run the session until 4pm once a week, and if the children finish their homework before this time, they will be expected to sit and read for the remainder of the session.  One parent asked if juice and a snack could be provided at this session.


6.            Concerns were raised about teachers changing classes during the school year and parents felt it unsettled their children.  Parents would like more information about changes to teaching arrangements and an opportunity to meet with new teachers before the change comes into place.


7.            Parents would like to know the feedback from their children’s homework.  One teacher provided a homework book in which all homework was completed, marked and then returned to the student.  Parents felt this was ideal, as they could then review the comments with their child.


8.            Parents are very happy with the variety of trips and holidays planned by the school, but are concerned about the costs.  It was suggested that a ‘holiday/trip’ fund could be established for each child so parents could pay into it when the opportunity arose.  Parents felt that they did not want their children to miss out on school trips because of financial reasons.


9.            Parents are confused about the authorisation of holiday.  The governors explained that due to recent scrutiny from the Government about the low attendance rate of primary and secondary children on the Isle of Wight, it is likely that the policy regarding the authorisation of leave will be reviewed by all Stenbury Federation Governors to bring it in line with the other primary schools on the Island.  A letter confirming the changes to these arrangements will be sent to parents in the event that the policy is updated.