About our Class & Houses 2016

Our classes are named after our adopted donkeys from the local

Isle of  Wight Donkey Sanctury:

Donkey pic

Pre-School – Miss Buckingham.

Reception – SNOWY class – Mr. Larwood, Miss Buckingham, Gemma Wooldridge, Marsha Insley & Mrs. Plummer.

Year One – POPPY Class – Mrs. Smith, Miss. Price & Marsha Insley.

Year Two – SUNNY class – Mrs. Sims & Mrs. Whittaker.

Year Three – BLOSSOM Class – Mr. Ben Woodhouse, Steph Smith & Marian Grace.

Year Four – OLIVER Class – Mrs. Paterson & Jamie Cooper

Year Five – BRANDY Class – Mr. Walker-Green / Mr. Tom Harding, Kate Green & Steph Smith.

Year Six – ARCHIE Class  – Mrs. Julie Wilkinson, Jay Taylor & Mrs. Tina Rogers.

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‘Houses’   We have four houses at Wroxall Primary

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

– each with a mix of children from all year groups.   House Captains are elected from Year 6 after a campaign where every child writes a personal profile and puts themselves forward for election at a special school assembly.  Houses take it in turns during the week to go on our Adventure Playground, where the Captains are in charge of good behaviour.    Children collect ‘house points’ as a reward for good work and behaviour and once every half term these points can be exchanged at our ‘House Point Shop’ for a small toy or a book.  All ‘house points’ are added up during the school term, including points gained from sporting competitions, and the winning house members all receive a small prize.


Outside the Front office, we have an ‘Ideas Box’  where pupils are encouraged to post their thoughts on ways we can improve things at school.  We get lots of good ideas this way –  some more realistic that others!  The box is opened and the ideas are discussed during House Captain meetings with Mrs Gray.