Staff Development:  Staff at Wroxall Primary School are also learners, regularly attending training courses and keeping up to date with new initiatives.   We are very proud that in recent years we have supported four of our Teaching Assistants through their degrees, and they are now starting their own careers in teaching.

Volunteers:  We are very lucky to have many regular, reliable and willing volunteers at Wroxall Primary School and our PTFA are particularly active, organising fund raising events, selling ice creams on Fridays and even involving villagers in a Meat Raffle at local public house to raise money for our recent Year 6 Paris Trip.

We have several other long serving helpers from the village who give up their time regularly to hear children read or help with DIY projects. We are extremely grateful for this help! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please do send us a message.

Dyslexic Friendly School:  All our teaching staff and teaching assistants are currently attending training which will result in Wroxall Primary being recognised as a ‘Dyslexic Friendly School.  This will not only help our dyslexic pupils but the methods used will benefit all our children.